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>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "JIB took on a life of its own and blew the boundaries of conventional playmaking ... [a] multitude of refreshingly difficult and deep characters. The final connection that it made was a crucial one ... So rare to see something so involved and self-reflexive not end up self-involved. In fact, it was inspiring." --New Haven Advocate 


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>[McQuilken's depiction of] "the mute movement of a solitary sleepy soul, is hilarious, terrifying, and totally riveting ... In a very real sense, Dig Nation is the future of theater ... McQuilken takes charge of multiple technologies to create a single, integrated stage work ... he uses technology to comment on itself. Don't miss this show." --Seattle Weekly

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "An amazing one man show sees Michael McQuilken perform, with minimal props, in tandem with video projection, sound and music (also produced by this multi-talented performer) as Rex plods through life imitating art imitating life. While commenting on the state of the world via news flashes, Rex is by turns a rock star, starving artist, waiter, post-apocalyptic survivor and hero ... Dig Nation is a superb piece of theatre; musical, physical and cerebral." --Expats, Prague

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "Michael McQuliken here contemplates the dilemma of the young man in the modern world - whether to tear himself away from his TV and computer games where he is succesful and in control or to leave his house and step into the cold reality of just living ... He does so through an ingenious mix of video, mime, mask-work ... confidently using the surreal to convey something that will be very real to his audience." --The Stage

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